SMS-маркетинг – marketing with using SMS. It includes distribution of marketing information about a product or service by sending it via SMS to mobile phones of clients and consumers.

SMS-marketing is a new effective method of direct communication with the consumer and is one of the tools of the so-called direct marketing.

It is an effective and fast way to interact with customers. No other tool does not have such a closeness to the person as a mobile phone. Your customers can receive information or advertising messages at any reasonable time, wherever they were.

Features and benefits of SMS-marketing:

  • Quickly! information about new promotions, sales, discounts, etc.
  • The online store promotion
  • Information about opening a new store, the emergence of new services, products, etc.
  • Newsletters, announcements, events, etc.
  • Extra personal discount
  • Important reminder to customers, companies and much more

We offer you:

  • Sms-sending 3 messages per second
  • Processing a database of your phone numbers
  • Segmentation of the database according to personal settings
  • Advice and support sms distribution
  • A detailed report about sent and delivered SMS
  • Gateway for your own projects.