Mystery Shopping is a method of objectively assessing the quality of service with the help of experts, acting as a buyer. Evaluation is based on previously developed criteria in accordance with a detailed scenario of the behavior of the buyer.

Mystery Shopping allows you to:

  • Find out what your customers think of your services and products
  • Find out if customers want more from you
  • Find out if your customers are happier with competitors
  • Compare your service levels to competitors
  • Check on your staff to see how well they treat customers
  • Receive detailed reports on your customers’ opinions
  • Improve your service levels
  • Check staff performance
  • Understand your customers
  • Keep your clients satisfied, every time
  • Increase your sales figures
  • Improve stock inventory
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Improve your brand image
  • Survey your competitors
  • Beat your competitors
  • Benchmark against previous performance
  • Stimulate business growth

Mystery Shopping is needed if:

  • Entering a new market and plan to find out customer service standards
  • Sales of your company is directly dependent from the interaction of staff with customers
  • Качество презентации товара в Вашей отрасли имеет очень большое значение
  • От компетентной рекомендации продавца зависит благополучие клиента
  • Qualitative presentation of product in your industry is very important
  • From the qualified recommendations of seller dependent client welfare
  • Your product / service is oriented at luxury buyers
  • You lose market segment when competitors are growing and prospering
  • You can not achieve growth of sales by reducing prices of goods
  • You sustain losses because of dishonest staff
  • You periodically receive complaints from consumers
  • Do you regularly train and certify your employee
  • You bother about customers service quality and maintain a common corporative identity
  • it is difficult to control your distributing facilities because of their regions dispersion

We specialize in services in the field of Mystery Shopping for over 10 years. Database of our “mystery shoppers” is constantly updated and currently contents over 4,000 workers in all regions of Ukraine. There is a formed structure of our regional representatives, who work in all regions of Ukraine and major regional centers. Mystery Shopping Research Programs tailored to the organizational system, service standards, operating characteristics of the motivational system, forms and methods of training of the customer employers.

Our main advantages in Mystery Shopping:

  • Efficiency provision of information about the result of visits. Provide customer access via personal ID code to the web profiles (Online
  • Studies Objectivity. The selection of shoppers which are the relevant sociodemographic profile of real customers. The optimal number of visits to retail outlets. Objective evaluation criteria and the lack of personal interest in the outcome of the study.
  • Reliability of data. Instruction, testing, examination of “mystery shoppers” to an understanding of the mission. Check the questionnaires for consistency and coherence of information, the completeness of the filling: 3-fold proofreading of all forms. Control of the implementation of visits.
  • The completeness of the provided information. Accounting standards in all parts of the evaluation form, provision Shoppers comments about the functioning of store, in free form.