Market Overview research- Processing of an existing secondary information, the material collected earlier. Marketing survey research is based on various sources of information that allows to obtain large amounts of data to compare and analyze the results.

The market analysis allows correctly plan the strategy of promoting products, to avoid unexpected financial losses and build profitable partnerships with other participators of sales process. By the analyzing of products market that you are interested in you insure your business from the failed projects, and periodical market research allow to adjust company activities in accordance with market trends.

Market Overview is needed if:

  • an overview of the situation on the market.
  • Mark the trends and market prospects.
  • Conduct competitive market analysis.
  • Identify the market structure.
  • Identify the major distribution channels and product promotion.
  • Set the measurement and size of the market.
  • Conduct analysis of pricing in the market.
  • identify key aspects of further market research using quantitative and qualitative methods (focus groups, interviews, quantitative surveys, etc.).