CSM – Customer Satisfaction Measurement helps to identify competitive advantages and disadvantages of the company, to identify areas that need changes and improvements to increase the number of repeat request and purchases, as well as to increase the number of loyal customers.

Achieving customer satisfaction in the fact of cooperation with company a connecting bridge in the transition from one-off purchases to stable cooperation. Constant, purposeful work, expressed in the care of the needs of the buyer, can turn a satisfied customer loyalty, and in the future make it an adherent of the company.

What can be learned through Customer Satisfaction Measurement:

  • Why the product/service was purchased from you
  • How in the whole clients estimate your point sales outlet
  • How customers compare you with competitors
  • How customers offer extra Services / accessories
  • Your staff creates a Clients database
  • How to serve customers
  • Trends and Priorities in the consumption of goods that you do

With Customer Satisfaction Measurement you can:

  • Increase the number of repeat calls and purchases, eliminating the causes of customer churn;
  • Get the most out of customers by improving the company’s proposals to increase customer value and product / service;
  • Ensure the stability of the arrival of “new” customers and to plan new projects;
  • Embed sales promotion activities (discount programs, programs to inform customers, etc.).