Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is a method of objectively assessing the quality of service with the help of experts, acting as a buyer. Evaluation is based on previously developed criteria in accordance with a detailed scenario of the behavior of the buyer.

SSD – Service Standards Development

Effective tool for:

  • Ensure the excellent quality of service
  • Impact on interpersonal communication
  • Maintaining a unified corporate identity
  • Development of concepts for merchandising

Mystery Calls

Mystery Calls – assessment of service quality with the help of specialists who perform the role of consumer. Basis for assessing serve the questionnaire, script behavior, and Legend of the Subscriber.

CSM – Customer Satisfaction Measurement

CSM – Customer Satisfaction Measurement helps to identify competitive advantages and disadvantages of the company, to identify areas that need changes and improvements to increase the number of repeat request and purchases, as well as to increase the number of loyal customers.


SMS-маркетинг – marketing with using SMS. It includes distribution of marketing information about a product or service by sending it via SMS to mobile phones of clients and consumers.


BTL – a way to inform potential client about the merits of products, brands and services through direct contact, as well as a variety of activities that promote the purchase.

Market Overview

Market Overview research- Processing of an existing secondary information, the material collected earlier. Marketing survey research is based on various sources of information that allows to obtain large amounts of data to compare and analyze the results.