Approach to building the value of the “Mystery Shopping” is an individual. Before I give an offer, needing to know the specifics of the market and to get from the potential customer a detailed statement of work, which will clearly identify the goals and objectives of the study and the number of outlets tested networks, their geographic location, the profile of real customers, and that, importantly, individual or general rating of monitoring the quality of service will be scheduled.
It should be noted that the formation of the cost of the program affected by factors such as visits to the purchase or not, whether the customer is planning to verify compliance with the standards for return of goods or there is no need.
An important point in the preparation of the offer stands of experience in research on the method of “Mystery Shopping”, there is already prepared research tools, namely, the questionnaire, which clearly displays the standards adopted by the company, scripts and legends estimates.
Thus, summarizing the above material, the cost of the program, “Mystery Shopping” is affected by:
  1. Availability of ready tools, the company that handles;
  2. Representative of what the market of its customers;
  3. How to be a mystery shopper profile, in order to select those to accurately display the real client;
  4. Individual or overall rating will be conducted;
  5. Do I need to make a purchase and return the goods to do on the day of purchase, or the other day
Here are the main criteria, influencing the value of the program, “Mystery Shopping”. Again, do not forget that qualitatively prepared the terms of reference or full brief – the key to the correct and most suitable quotation for your business.