Who is the Mysterious Buyer?

The Mysterious Buyer is a person who, under the guise of an ordinary client, evaluates the quality of servicing stores, banks, insurance companies, car dealers, etc.
The results of their observations Mysterious Buyer puts in a special form that reflects the level of performance standards for the work of staff. The information collected reflects the level of quality of service, and is the basis for training and motivating sales consultants.
Being a Mystery Shopper means helping to improve the quality of service.

Who is the Mystery Shopper?

A mysterious buyer can be everyone. It can be a man or a woman, a person from 18 to 65 years, any level of education, with any level of income. That is, a person who is no different from ordinary buyers.

Advantages of the work of the Mysterious Buyer (freelancer) in our Company:

• free work schedule;
• Additional income;
• guaranteed payment;
• participation in various projects;
• communication with interesting people;
• use and development of actor’s talent;
• contributing to the improvement of the quality of service;
• good experience with people;
• the opportunity to learn something new and interesting in this field of activity.

Terms of payment

The work of the Mysterious Buyer is paid by piece, according to the number of completed evaluations. The cost of one evaluation depends on the complexity of the questionnaire, the scenario, the conditions for the assessment and the socio-demographic profile of the Mystery Shopper.

How to become our Mystery Shopper?

If you are able to play the role of an ordinary buyer, observant, sociable, responsible and you just care about the quality of service in our stores. Then you come to this position.

To become our Mystery Shopper, you need to send a request for a candidate’s questionnaire, pass an interview and training.